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Canned Motor Pumps

We offer a variety of Canned Motor Pumps types. These Canned Motor Pumps share the same principal and offer  several performance, maintenance, and operating advantages over more regular pump types as well as inherent double containment for total control.

Canned Motor Pumps are designed with a minimum of components, thus requiring a minimum of monitoring or servicing. Thanks to this maintenance intervals can be sceduled further apart than would be possible with regular centrifugal pumps, with no costly alignment procedures or external lubrication.

Canned Motor Pumps are a sealless pumptype, saving time and money on expensive seal systems, dynamic seal adjustments, maintenance, and/or intensive seal support systems.

We offer different types of Canned Motor Pump, as mentioned below. For more information which would suit your needs best, contact us today.

Performance: Q (m3/h) : max. 800 (B, BA and B-V-type) or max. 350 (BA-V-type), H (m) : max. 150 (B-type), max. 100 (BA and B-V-type) or max. 120 (BA-V-type), O(KW): max. 200 (B and BA-type), max. 135 (BV-type) or max. 45 (BA-V-type.)

Performance: Q (m3/h) : max. 350 (BN-type) or max. 800 (N and NA-type), H (m) : max. 120 (BN-type), max. 150 (N-type) or max. 100 (NA-type), O(KW): max. 135 (BN-type), max. 200 (N-type) or max. 160 (NA-type.)

Performance: Q (m3/h) : max. 25, H (m) : max. 140, O(KW): max. 37.

Performance: Q (m3/h) : max. 800 (G-type), H (m) : max. 150 (G-type), O(KW): max. 200 (G-type) or 135 (B-X and Y type), T(°C) : max. 350 (G and B-X type) or max 330 (Y-type)

Performance: Q (m3/h) : max. 100, H (m) : max. 80, O(KW): max. 30.

Performance: Q (m3/h) : max. 90, H (m) : max. 60, O(KW): max. 15.

Performance: Q (m3/h) : max. 170, H (m) : max. 650, O(KW): max. 200.

Performance: Q (m3/h) : max. 500, H (m) : max. 140, O(KW): max. 135.

Performance: Q (m3/h) : max. 100 (J-type) or max. 80 (K-type), H (m) : max. 120 (J-type) or max. 400 (K-type), O(KW): max. 45 (J-type) or max. 110(K-type.)

Performance: Q (m3/h) : max. 1600, H (m) : max. 50, O(KW): max. 200.

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