Farabi Normal Paraffin and Derivatives Complex

Project Discription:

Farabi Petrochemicals Company is the largest producer of Liner Alkyl Benzene (LAB) in the Middle East. With the development of Farabi’s second Normal Paraffin (NP) and LAB complex in Yanbu, it is set to expand its production of linear alkylbenzene (LAB) and feedstock normal paraffin.

Farabi’s new petrochemical complex is set to produce over 600,000 tons per year of petrochemical products with LAB and normal paraffin production expected to account for 60-70% of that capacity.

Pump Details:

For this project, we have manufactured and supplied 12 (twelve) high-speed, integrally geared (OH6) pump sets including electric motor, mechanical seal, coupling and baseplate including the pump spare parts.

The flow of the pumps ranges approximately from 8 to 53 m3/hr, while the head 45 to 150m. Pump material of construction is S-8 as per API 610 table H.1 material class. Our OH6 pump sets were designed, manufactured and tested as per API 610, 11th edition and
customer process specifications.

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