Water Treatment System package for Qatargas

Project Discription:

In this project, our client had a TM 2500+ gas turbine installed in a utilities area at the Qatargas 1 temporary power bridging facility. With an estimated emission of 430 mg/Nm3 Nitrous Oxide (NOx), this gas turbine did not meet the State of Qatar’s Ministry of Environment NOx emission norms, which specify that NOx emissions can’t be higher than 55 mg/Nm3.

The solution for this problem is the injection of demineralized water into the combustion chamber of the TM 2500+ gas turbine. With this Water Treatment System installed, the NOx emissions will not only comply with the Ministry of Environment’s norms, but will be significantly lower as the emission ranges between 25 to 40 ppm. This solution however left our client with reject streams and drains from the Water Treatment System, which were collected in an effluent discharge pit.

Akay Industries was commissioned to supply a VS4 type pump set which was installed into the effluent discharge pit. In this configuration, our pump set discharges the effluent streams from the pit into the chemical sewer.

Pump Details:

The VS4 type pump we manufactured and supplied was a complete set including an electric motor, mechanical seal, coupling and a baseplate. This pump was selected based on sump information and has a capacity of 11.1 m3/h and a head of 40.5m.

For this project, Super Duplex (D-2) steel was used, owing to the suitability of this material with the pumped fluid. The line shaft bearing bushing lubrication system was designed to suit the fluid composition, the same was considered during the design of the bearings. Pump and driver were designed for an automatic start at High Liquid Level (HLL) and an automatic shut off at Low Liquid Level (LLL).

Other design parameters as per customer pump data sheet were considered during the VS4 pump design process. Our VS4 pump set was designed, manufactured and tested as per the latest edition API 610 and customer process specifications.