About us

– We are passionate about pumps –

We are passionate about our work, our research and our products, and proud that they’re used everyday by hundreds of satisfied customers. Our passion has led us to grow from a small company working in the Netherlands to one that caters the needs of an international market.

Because of this passion and our high standards we have evolved into a company capable of in house research, design, engineering and manufacturing, ensuring the highest quality pumps for our customers. 

Our passion hasn’t gone unnoticed. Our constant endeavour to infuse new know-how into our products and continually upgrading our quality has made us a respected partner in pumping technology.

As a result of our passion and pronounced competitive edge in terms of skilled engineering manpower, technological strengths and infrastructure, we have earned an enviable position of being an internationally acclaimed pump manufacturer and one of the worlds most cost-effective options for global buyers.


We are a fully integrated pump manufacturer of high quality centrifugal pumps that comply with the latest edition of international standards (API 610, API 685, ANSI B73.1/2, ISO 5199/2858, DIN 24255). Several pump ranges according to manufacturer’s standard are also included in our product portfolio.

Akay Industries pumps are designed for a wide range of industrial applications to meet the requirements of the Water, Oil and Gas, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Petrochemical industries.

All Akay Industries pumps are engineered, manufactured and tested at our modern facilities located in the Netherlands. We offer high quality products in accordance to the latest international standards and technologies at an economic and competitive price level.

All Akay Industries pumps offer the quality, safety and reliability demanded by today’s users. All in accordance with our Quality Certification System ISO 9001:2015.

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After sales services & spare parts

At Akay Industries we value our customers and we are at your service throughout the lifespan of your Akay Industries products.

We offer a broad range of after sales services and support, which ensures top quality standards and fast problem resolution.

Our expertly trained service engineers and back-office staff provide outstanding customer service as well as quick repairs and maintenance. We conduct service and repair on site for your convenience and quick problem solving.


We supply spare parts for the international market.

We offer high quality replacement parts , not only for the Akay Industries Pumps manufactured in our factory in The Netherlands , but also for the Akay Industries Pumps manufactured in our factory in China. All parts offered are manufactured in our Akay Industries factory in The Netherlands.

We can also offer high quality replacement parts for all pumps manufactured by Dalian Deep Blue Pumps as well as all ANSI pumps manufactured by ITT Goulds , model 3196.

For more information on our after sales services and spare parts please contact us here


Contact us today for more information regarding our services and products. Should you like to receive a offer for an inquiry you have, or wish to send any other long message, please fill the contact form below in with a request for our email adress accompanied with a brief description of your question. Alternatively you are always welcome to call us te receive more information.

Head Office

Transportweg 50,
2421 LS Nieuwkoop
The Netherlands
Tel: +031 (0) 181 355 110

Sales Office

35th Floor, Julphar Tower
P.O. Box 16938, Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 (0) 722 645 44